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NWave Monthly Packages

The NWave Monthly Package is an ongoing support solution designed for businesses seeking to maintain and enhance their online presence and market their products or services effectively. This subscription-based offering includes continuous coaching to address evolving business challenges and digital marketing services tailored to promote and grow the enterprise's online footprint. By providing expert guidance and marketing efforts at a cost lower than hiring an in-house team.

Packages and Pricing

Digital Foundation

For startups and small businesses
$ 199
  • Digital marketing strategy
  • Social media setup and post modules conception
  • Press Article / Email Campaign​
  • Basic analytics and reporting
  • One-on-one coaching session
  • Goal Setting and Strategy Development
  • Problem-Solving and Crisis Management Advice
  • Networking and Relationship Building
  • Work-Life Balance Strategies

Digital Growth

For growing businesses ready
$ 390
  • Community Management and Engagement
  • SEO optimization and regular content creation
  • Email Campaign Management:
  • Reportage News
  • Performance Analytics and Reporting
  • Regular Strategy Review and Adjustment Sessions
  • Performance Optimization and Improvement Tactics
  • Decision-Making Skills Enhancement

Digital Transformation

For established businesses
$ 590
  • Paid Advertising Campaigns
  • Automated Email Sequences
  • TV / Radio Show
  • Leadership and Team Management Coaching
  • Access to a Network of Industry Experts and Resources
  • Leadership Style Assessment
  • Conflict Resolution and Communication Skills

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